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AVA STONE - Preview 2022

Black, a universal symbol of class and style, can be distinguished by its simplicity but also by its expressive power.

AVA STONE, AVA’s brand for thickened stoneware slabs in 12 and 20 mm, presents at Cersaie 2022 a reproduction of three dark marbles, a blaze of elegance for creating furnishing accessories such as countertops and tops, furnishings and furniture for exclusive settings.

Mined from the Jebel Aziz Mountains in southern Tunisia, Sahara Noir is a marble of intense black. Bold white and gold veins run across its surface. Highly appreciated by designers all over the world for its aesthetic characteristics, Sahara Noir can provide rooms with a strong scenic impact.

EOS marble from Morocco is characterised by its black-brown background. Rich in gold, bronze and ivory shades and veins, it creates a bright, sharp profile that makes it unique.

Originating from Spain in the region of the same name, Aragon is a grey marble that acquires a black-chocolate tone of surprising intensity through polishing. Its colour, slightly veined texture and unique fossil presence give this product a distinctive character, a tone of elegance for any type of project.

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