Lounge bar

At the high-end luxury resort of Palazzo di Varignana, situated in the hills of Castel San Pietro (Bologna, Italy), an area of about 300 m2 has been dedicated to the lounge bar.

The Onyx collection, in the natural version of the Wilde colour chosen for the flooring in this area, enhances the essential elements of the lounge bar with elegance and naturalness.

Residenza privata UK

Private residence Kiev

In the cosmopolitan city of Kiev, in a private residence, the large slab by Ava de La Fabbrica SpA in porcelain stoneware conjures up an unusual and sophisticated contemporary style.
The amber shades of the natural onyx veining are reinterpreted in ceramic by the Aesthetica collection, reviving the elegance and prestige of the noble stone used in royal households since ancient times: elegance and prestige showcased in the two bathrooms of the residence, covering both the floor and walls in the two colours of the collection, Hegel and Wilde.
The furnishings blend seamlessly with the cool shades of Hegel and the warm shades of Wilde, enhanced by the choice of taps and bathroom accessories in steel (cold) and gold (warm).
The large 320cm x 160cm format adds a modern tone to the project which, together with minimal 6mm thickness, reflects the current trend in the ceramic world through the originality, functionality and innovation which they represent in the field of design.