Ceramic. A safe choice – AVA

Ceramic. A safe choice

To cover floors, walls and furnishings of private homes, commercial and public contexts and all other types of indoor and outdoor settings, ceramic is the right choice.
Because it is safe, as it is hypoallergenic, fireproof and resistant to dirt or bacteria, sustainable and environmentally friendly, being produced exclusively
with completely recyclable natural raw materials. Because it is exceptionally resistant to loads, stresses and all types of agents, including atmospheric
and chemical ones, remaining unalterable over time. But also for its innate versatility, which allows it to be created in an infinite variety of sizes, surfaces and thicknesses, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of environments and design contexts; for the extreme ease and practicality with which it can be laid, cleaned and preserved over time.

For the increasingly refined and popular beauty of its graphics, reproducible with an astonishing wealth of colours, details and nuances.
Quality and advantages that at LA FABBRICA find the highest and most advanced point of expression, thanks to research and production processes at a very high rate of technological innovation, which do not impact in any way on the environment and which guarantee the maximum technical, design and aesthetic performance of a material that has always been synonymous with Made in Italy excellence throughout the world.


An area of over 750 m2, on two floors inside the fifteenth century
Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, will be dedicated to the company’s best products, both the LA FABBRICA and AVA brands. The showroom will also include a room dedicated to the constant training of its customers and collaborators. From historical and artistic tradition to technological innovation. This is an outstanding combination, a new exhibition/communication concept, where the artistic and cultural history concepts of the fifteenth century Palazzo harmoniously meet with the contemporary nature of the product philosophy of La Fabbrica Spa; an ideal location for this ambitious stylistic and business choice.
The company, in fact, always places the enhancement of local artistic tradition at the centre of its vision, as synergistic input for the development of ceramic tile projects that convey innovation, quality and creativity. With this “Showroom of Excellence” La Fabbrica Spa, offers visitors the vision of technologically avant-garde products, in terms of technique and design, on an uninterrupted timeline with Italian history and art.

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