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Production and marketing of high-end Italian ceramic floor and wall tiles.

The evolution lies in the engineering, the creativity, and the versatility,
which combine to give life to the most ambitious of designs.

Extraordinary size (immagine unica)

Dry-pressed porcelain stoneware slabs.



    The slabs are easy to move and
    handle as they are only 6 mm thick,
    ensuring lightness despite
    their large size.


    Many sizes, from the largest on the market in 320x160 cm (6 mm thickness) and 324x163 cm (12 mm thickness), up to
    the more traditional 60x60 cm (10 mm thickness), for a complete and versatile project.


    The ceramic design interprets different inspirations,
    ensuring maximum aesthetic appeal in any type of
    environment and giving each its own style.


    The Inkjet ceramic technology allows for any collection and colour,
    a high number of different graphics,
    for an aesthetic effect of the flooring and cladding
    that is always varied and never repetitive.


    It is from large formats that cuts and shapes of all sizes are created, tailor-made to offer new compositional
    opportunities and to expand the areas of use of the slabs: from floors to vertical walls, furniture, tables, worktops, doors
    and the interiors of yachts and cruise ships.

Step by step



In 1994 La Fabbrica Spa was founded in Castel Bolognese (RA) in Italy. It is specialized in the production and sales of high-quality floors and wall ceramic coverings. Through its brand La Fabbrica, the company is committed to to spreading the concept of HIGH QUALITY, DESIGN and CREATIVITY. The company has transformed the research for quality into the corporate mission. This value has always accompanied the design of products from the idea to the production and to the market sales, as well as from the research&development to the facility and to the widespread sales distribution in Italy and abroad. The ongoing drive for improvement has allowed La Fabbrica to create cutting-edge collections with regards to design and technology, capable of satisfying the technical requirements of architects and interior designers as well as the tastes of the end consumers. Long-range perspective and dedication are part of the La Fabbrica corporate mission day by day and cause to that it’s recognized by the market.


With the vision of expanding and improving the logistical functions, in 2004 the first plot of land was purchased in the locality of Bagnara di Romagna (RA) near the production site for the construction of a new more usable warehouse for shipping the material.


In 2012 the AVA brand lanced in the market. Its collections propose a new luxury where details and sophisticated finishes alternate with understated elegance and define new interior design trends.


Following the last trends, during Cersaie 2014, the Ava brand introduces the big size. Extraordinary Size is the ambitious project of the largest porcelain stoneware slabs in the world, 320×160 cm with a thickness of only 6 mm which develops a wide range of collections declined in a great variety of graphics and smaller sizes, ideal for any type of furniture and application (tops, doors and doors for furniture, ventilated walls, contract, spa, etc).


In May 2017, La Fabbrica Ceramiche became part of Holding Italcer Group spa, a holding company created by the Italian private equity fund Mandarin Capital Partners II, headed by CEO Graziano Verdi. The Group’s objective is to create a luxury cluster in the high-end ceramic sector.


On the 12 of April in Imola, La Fabbrica inaugurated its gorgeous showroom based in Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni (dated in the fifteenth-century), an area of over 750 square meters dedicated to the exhibition of the best products of the company. The concepts of art and cultural historicity of the Palazzo are harmoniously combined with the ontemporary nature of the product philosophy of La Fabbrica.

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Italcer Group. The Luxury Cluster.

Italcergroup operates in the ceramic sector, manufacturing high-quality outdoor and indoor ceramic products, with a focus on high-end residential and non residential ceramic tiles, and luxury bathroom furnishing. On May 8, 2017 Italcer Group acquires La Fabbrica Ceramiche, based in Castel Bolognese (RA) (La Fabbrica and AVA Brands) La Fabbrica SPA is an Italian firm specialized in the production and sales of high-quality ceramic tiles for floor and wall, both indoor and outdoor solutions.

  • Rubiera Plant

    The Rubiera factory (Reggio Emilia) is equipped with the latest generation systems for producing porcelain stoneware, with a production capacity of 5 million square metres of wall and floor coverings. The site has adopted measures for the reduction of emissions and energy consumption, and environmental monitoring, in accordance with stipulated regulations.

  • Vetto Plant

    The historical production of small-size ceramics continues at the factory in Vetto (Reggio Emilia), the original production site of Sadon with the innovative 6x25 Brick Generation. These facilities annually produceover 3.5 million m2 of flooring, coverings and skirting tiles in porcelain stoneware.

  • Fiorano Plant

    Fiorano Modenese plant is one of the Italcer Group’s factories with a surface area of 16,000 m2. This site is historically specialized in ceramic small formats. In the last years, important technological investments have been done and by now it’s possibile to produce up to 2.8 million m2 of glazed porcelain stoneware in sizes ranging from 5x15 up to 100x100 (latest installations), with very high quality applications.

  • Spraydry Plant

    The processing cycle starts at Spray Dry, one of the Ceramica Rondine’s companies. This autonomy ensures ongoing quality control at any point during processing. Spray Dry is the mot significant production department of atomised powder for porcelain stoneware in the entire ceramic district of Sassuolo. The site has 4 granulators and 3 sprayers, with an annual production capacity of 450.000 tons of atomised powder.

In its constant commitment to the improvement, La Fabbrica S.p.A. has adopted the Code of Ethics and implemented the Whistleblowing system of the Italcer Group, to which you can access through the following link

Code of Ethics

Whistleblowing platform

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