E X T R A S I Z E . A complete and versatile project: from the largest size available on the ceramics market, 160×320 cm and 6 mm thick, down to the most common size, 60×60 cm, 10 mm thick,
passing through a full range of intermediate sizes.

E X T R A D I F F E R E N T . The Inkjet ceramic technology allows for any collection and colour, a high number of different graphics, for an aesthetic effect of the flooring and cladding that is always varied and never repetitive.

E X T R A S T Y L I S H . The ceramic design interprets different inspirations, ensuring maximum aesthetic appeal in any type of environment and giving each its own style.

E X T R A L I G H T . The slabs are easy to move and handle as they are only 6 mm thick, ensuring lightness despite their large size.

E X T R A T A I L O R E D . With large sizes, you can make cuts of any shape and size, to further extend the possibilities of use of the slab covering floors, walls, furniture, tables and doors.