With its collections Ava frees an out of the ordinary style and proposes a new type of luxury where details and sophisticated finishes alternate with understated elegance.

Italy is a great source of inspiration for those who propose, through the creation of ceramic tiling, the original and harmonious furnishing of domestic and business environments.

The EDEN and AXEL projects are conceived from nature: from the periwinkle flower that is found in Fleur, from the dynamism of the mature stalks of wheat stooped by the morning breeze represented in Plissè, from the waves of the sea lapping the sandy shores in Virage and finally from the woods of Mediterranean birch bark that we find stylised in Brett and Isper.

VISIA owes its design to the colours and views of the coasts of the Italian peninsula: the glittering of the emerald sea of Capri which is found in the Mentha colour, to the pure white surface of the precious Carrara marbles in the Charta colour and finally the precious lace that is hand made by crafts persons that have inspired the design of Mood and Caleidos.

The LYRA collection is inspired by the most velvety landscapes of the Italian hinterland, by the typical plaited wicker baskets of the Lucanian countryside, source of inspiration for Hydra in the Charta colour, the sinuous waves that the spring wind draws in the fields of the Tuscan hills that we find again recreated three-dimensionally with Camila.

Ceramic tiles become a tailor made dress for the surfaces of your home and the protagonists of living spaces.