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Aesthetica Hegel 160x320_63"x126" Lap. Ret.

Aesthetica Hegel 160x160_63"x63" Lap. Ret. - Rivestimento/Wall Aesthetica Wilde 160x320_63"x126" Lap. Ret.

Aesthetica Wilde 160x320_63"x126"

Aesthetica Wilde 160x320_63"x126"

A much favoured stone by the aristocracy of ancient Rome, who lined their palaces with it, the more prestigious varieties of Onyx have been so greatly used over the centuries that quarries are now protected as deposits are at risk of finishing. Inspired by this material, the veining and texture of ceramic line Aesthetica recreates its elegance and maintains its prestige over time, allowing users to craft unique, regal designs.

Onici Aesthetica


  • 120x120 6mm
  • 120x240 6mm
  • 160x160 6mm
  • 160x320 6mm
  • 60x120 10mm
  • 80x160 6mm
  • 80x80 6mm


  • Dry-pressed porcelain stoneware slabs


  • Lappato and rectified
  • Natural and rectified