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Skyline Antracite 120x240_48”x96” Nat. Ret. - 120x120_48”x48” Nat. Ret. - Gradino Costa Retta Antracite 120x33x3,2h_48”x13”x1 1/4”h Nat. Ret. - Skyline Ghiaccio 120x240_48”x96”Nat. Ret.

Skyline Beige 160x320_63”x126” Nat. Ret. - Esterno by La Fabbrica Seaside Bahamas 16x96,2_6 1/4"x38" Nat. Ret. R11

Skyline Fumo 160x320_63”x126” Nat. Ret.

Skyline Fumo 160x160_63”x63” Nat. Ret. - I Marmi Calacatta 160x320_63”x126” Lap. Ret.

Skyline Ghiaccio 160x320_63”x126” Nat. Ret.

Skyline Antracite 120x240_48”x96” Nat. Ret. - Ghiaccio 120x120_48”x48” Nat. Ret. - Wallpaper Lux Pianeti Grigio

Pavimento / Floor Skyline Antracite 60x120_24"x48" Nat. Ret. - Mobile Rivestito Con / Forniture Clad With I Marmi Calacatta Lap. Ret. Top Con / Top With Skyline Antracite Nat. Ret.

Pavimento / Floor Skyline Antracite 160x320_63x126 Nat. Ret. - Mobile rivestito con / Forniture clad with Marmi Calacatta Lap. Ret.

A combination of the tradition of Umbrian and Tuscan terracotta and the urban feel of the concrete found in the cityscapes of formerly industrial areas has created a whole new arena for contemporary architecture. Skyline offers a new interpretation of these different materials in an avant-garde ceramic version, whose warm tones and delicate shading soften the texture of concrete.

Contemporanei Skyline


  • 120x120 6mm
  • 120x240 6mm
  • 160x160 6mm
  • 160x320 6mm
  • 60x120 10mm
  • 60x60 10mm
  • 80x160 6mm
  • 80x80 6mm


  • Dry-pressed porcelain stoneware slabs


  • Lappato and rectified
  • Natural and rectified